A great day...

Today, I went with a couple of girlfriends to Wanstead Flats, a  grassland on the edge of Epping Forest (for those who don´t know).
I decided to go with them because I hated going with the boys. All they wanted to do was drive bumpers cars, try to win money or stand around posing and trying to look cool. I love the thrill of the rides, which the boys weren´t keen on, so I wasn´t going to let them hold me back.

Presentation-First Post

Hi! My name is Natalie Hepburn. I am a teenager from East London and I acted in a very famous shampoo comercial. 
My best friends are called Mark and Matthew and my boyfriend is called Martin and he is really beautiful hahaha. 
I love dancing and spending time with my friends. 
I hate people who discriminate. I think we are all equal. But I have ambition, I want to make it big and, let´s face it, I am trying to sell and image. It´s nothing personal. 

I hope you will enjoy my posts!